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Frequently Asked Questions About
"Inner Guidance Revealed"

1. "I know all about Law of Attraction and Inner Guidance.  
What will I get from this training that I don't already have?"

Whether you have been listening to Abraham for over 20 years (like I have) or this is all brand new to  you, this program gives you the format to make it work for you.  As you watch the videos and begin practicing, your awareness of Law of Attraction and your relationship with your inner guidance become your priority, your lifestyle, and your habit.

Knowing something can be quite different from living it and having it become automatic for you.

In this training you steep yourself in a spiritual approach to Law of Attraction. You begin training yourself to have access to your guidance as naturally and fluidly and you walk or talk or breathe or sleep.

There is no other program like this one.  It offers a unique blend of perspectives that jump start your intuition, ignite your inner knowing, and keep you on track through lifes ups and downs.

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2. "What Can I Expect Once I Join?"

As soon as  you join you'll get instant access to Module 1, even if it's 3am and most of the world is asleep.  Here you will find videos and audios to begin your training.  Module 1 begins with a 3 Day Kick Start training to get you launched into this process with momentum.

Module 2 comes a month later and Module 3 a month after that.

Each module contains lessons, meditations, a chant, a journaling practice and a specific inner guidance training practice to give you the "wax on wax off" effect that makes accessing your inner guidance automatic for you.

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3. "What If I Can't Complete the Program in 3 Months?"

You can go at your own pace.  You will have ongoing access to the material and it is even recommended that you return to it over time.  So, no rush.  Take your time.

4. "Do I Get a Certificate Upon Completion?"

Yes.  Once you complete the 3 module training (bonus trainings are optional) you can qualify for a certificate by taking a test.  Your certificate is an acknowledgement of your successful completion of the training and it is also the first step toward becoming an official Yoga of Alignment Inner Guidance Coach.

5. "What if I Can't Begin Right Away?"

That's ok.  You can still sign up now, and have it ready whenever you have a free moment.  The modules will be waiting for you whenever you're ready to get started.

6. "Can I Access the Training Materials on My Phone or Tablet?"

Yes.  You can access the videos and audios on any device.  You can even downlaod everything and then take it all in during those moments when you have no Internet access.

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7. "I'm SO BUSY!  Will This Take a Lot of My Time?"

No.  You can relax about that!

Watching the videos will not take a lot of  your time.  Most of the videos are pretty short and concentrated.  They are designed to spark a shift in you without burdening you with lot's to learn. You'll even get emails suggesting what video to watch when.  And of course you can certainly go in whatever order makes sense to you.

I thinnk you'll find that you enjoy spending time exploring your own consciousness through your new perspective.  You will spend time processing this training as you live your life.  But since you do this as move through the activities of your life, you do not need to set aside a separate time for it.  You will spend time digesting and assimilating the process as you interact with the people and things in your life.  But you will not need to spend long periods of time at the computer learning facts.  You will be out living your life with a new perspective and a new approach.  You will be increasing your access to your inner guidance daily as you simply open yourself to this material and blend it into the living of your life.

This is an experiential trainnig.  It will not take a lot of your time in an academic way.  It will merge into your time as an enhancement and expansion of your consciousness.

8. "Can This Help With My Relationships?"

Yes! As we develop greater awareness of our inner guidance, our words and actions become more pure expressions of our truth and we become more kind, more compassionate, and more wise in our intereactions.  By taking this training you may find that your relationship with your partner, your interactions with family members, coworkers, friends and so on, all beomce more harmonious and nurturing.

You can even go through this program with your partner.  Do it together with the intention of deepening and heightening your relationship.  Amazing things might just happen between you!

9. "I'm Already on a Specific Spiritual Path.  
Will This Conflict with My Beliefs and Practices?"

No.  The intention is for this inner guidance training to bring you to greater clarity and authenticy on your chosen path.  There is no dogma offered here that would conflict with any other path.  It is simply a way to tap into your inner truth for the most fullfilling life journey.  And if you are on a particular spiritual path, this training can bring you into heightened revelation and spiritual awakening through your own chosen path.

Of course, in the unlikely event that you do not feel resonant with this approach, you can simply cancel and ask for a refund (see below).  Easy!

10. "Does Inner Guidance Revealed Come with a Guarantee?"

Yes, absolutely! All Inner Guidance Revealed memberships come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you join today and find for whatever reason that this is not for you, just let us know within 60 days and we’ll issue you a refund, no questions asked.

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